Support cancer research by donating your poop

Because your poop can make a difference for cancer research

We’ve launched the AMBROSIA study to understand how diet and lifestyle impact the gut microbiome

Help us understand how to harness the microbiome to improve health and fight cancer

Participants receive $100 and a T-shirt for donating.


AMBROSIA is open to healthy individuals between ages 18 and 64.

Don't worry, donating poop is easy! And you don't need to leave your home to participate in the study.

If selected, you will:
  • Provide two poop samples
  • Answer lifestyle and health questionnaires
And you will receive:
  • Compensation of $100
  • A T-shirt

You’ll have the option to opt out any time.

Sign up today to support cancer research.

How it works

Copy You will be selected to be in one of four study groups based on your interest.

Group 1 – Standard Routine
Participants in this group will maintain their usual routine.
Group 2 - Medical Nutrition Therapy
Participants in this group will receive five virtual Telenutrition visits, at no cost to the participant, with a registered dietitian.
Group 3 – Daily Synbiotic
Participants in this group will receive a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, collectively referred to as synbiotics, at no cost to the participant. The well-known probiotic, B. infantis, works with the prebiotic to impact gut health. You will be shipped a 120-day supply of supplements with dosing instructions and will be asked to take the synbiotic daily.
Group 4 - Medical Nutrition Therapy and Synbiotic Supplementation
Participants in this group will receive five virtual Telenutrition visits, at no cost to Participants in this group will receive both Telenutrition visits and synbiotic dietary supplements at no cost to the participant.
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  • Approximately 80% of your immune system is in your gut, where it is in close contact with the gut microbiome
  • The composition of the gut microbiome has been implicated in cancer risk
  • The composition of your gut microbiome is heavily influenced by the diet, meaning our food choices have the opportunity to act as medicine
  • Interventions that can repair balance to the gut microbiome could improve individual health outcomes


  • Because you want to help cancer research
  • Because you're interested in health & nutrition
  • Because we make it easy
  • Because you would flush it down anyway
  • Because you will receive $100 in debit card rewards and a T-shirt.
  • All the above!

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