Persephone’s Clinical
Research Programs


Help us understand how to harness the microbiome for health.

We’ve launched the AMBROSIA
study to understand how diet and
lifestyle impact the gut
microbiome. This project is the
first step in Persephone’s journey
to harnessing the microbiome and
the food we eat as medicine.

My Baby Biome

My Baby Biome™

Your relationship with your microbiome starts at birth

Sample collection for the My Baby Biome™ clinical study has concluded. Thank you to all participants and we look forward to sharing the data once our analysis has been completed.


Your inner world can change the outer world

ARGONAUT is the largest US study to map the gut and immune health of cancer patients. This project will unlock biomarkers for the development of therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of cancer in the US population.


Poop can change the future of health

Poop for the Cure is a clinical research arm of Persephone Biosciences that enables large scale, real-world, data-driven discovery while maintaining racial and ethinic diversity representative of the US population.